Our Services

    We offer our students quality driver education and training at affordable rates. Our extremely knowledgeable  driving instructors with their many years of professional experience make learning especially easy!


We will help you get ready for your drivers  license test so you feel


behind the wheel and ready to pass the road test exam.


     We offer a 6 hour course to all age drivers. During the course the student will learn how to start a car, drive safely, turn, and stop a vehicle properly. You will get experience entering, exiting, driving on a highway, entering and exiting a circle safely, also learn how to parallel park and three point turn as expected for the road test. We will also make your road test appointment for you. All students that complete the 6 hour course will receive a Driver Education Certificate. This certificate will give you a discount on most  insurance bills when presented to your insurance company.



     We can buy your permit for you if you are 16 years of age. All 16 year old students must have their permit purchased by an accredited driving school and take the 6 hour course before they can recieve their permit from the instructor. We can pick you up at home or school and take you to motor vehicle to buy your permit.

     We will help you get your permit if you are older than 17 years of age. We will walk you thru every part of the process from permit to license.



     We offer hourly rates for the student who wants to brush up on their driving skills or the student who just needs a little work to improve part of their driving. The hourly rate can also be used to learn the proper way to parallel park and three point turn before your road test date.



     We offer use of our vehicles for road tests. If you do not have the proper car for your road test you can use our car. We can take you to the test or meet you at the road test.


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